The world is #3D, but flat displays are flat. This is a fundamental problem for Augmented Reality which needs to blend digital images into the real world. Here the CREAL team tries to explain why today’s flat displays should be regarded as a Trojan horse for Augmented Reality, but also show how CREAL is successfully countering it.

CREAL’s light-field technology allows mixing of virtual and real objects without visual conflicts. Light-field is the future “screen” of Virtual and Mixed Reality.


Things of VR, AR, & Magic at Knoxlabs

New AI technique can rapidly generate holograms with less than 1 megabyte of memory

Using artificial intelligence, scientists can now rapidly generate photorealistic color 3D holograms even on a smartphone. And according to a new study, this new technology could find use in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets and other applications.

A hologram is an image that essentially resembles a 2D…

Using XR, customers can view a 3D model customized to their liking from a vast array of variations. Furthermore, by using the Magic Leap 1 controller, customers can not only look at the 3D kitchen, but also experience opening and closing the drawers as if they were actually touching them. Since these experiences can be carried out by multiple people at the same time, customers can share their impressions and employees can guide customers smoothly.

Things of VR, AR, & Magic at Knoxlabs


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