Glasses-free holographic displays coming in 2021 (looks semi-promising)

Ikin’s tech promises a glasses-free holographic display as a phone accessory this year, with holographic chat on the table.

From what we are seeing, it still a bunch of testimonials instead of showing the tech, so please don your scepto-glasses now.

By using a lens made from a proprietary chemical polymer, the accessory will act as an attachment that matches a smartphone’s dimensions, and will supposedly be able to create holograms that are clear, and more importantly, viewable in broad daylight.

The technology even comes with full touch interactivity — meaning that users can actually touch the holograms to perform certain actions, and it also comes equipped with artificial intelligence (A.I.) that learns to provide better experiences depending on the environment and user’s habits.

Citing some examples, IKIN says that the hologram scan be used in video games, where players can use the displayed hologram as a secondary controller or interactive feature.

Aside from gaming, holograms can also be used to view images in a gallery, where the user can rotate the image using gestures or swipe on the hologram to see the next image, or in video conferencing, where holograms may provide some added real-world depth.

Source: Mashable & Knoxlabs

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