Interactive Chair Maker Roto VR Raises $1.5 Million and is ready to ship

Interactivity tends to be key for virtual reality (VR) experiences, from simple hand gestures to full room-scale movement. But the latter isn’t always practical both in the consumer and enterprise fields. Which is where a company like Roto VR comes in, with its motorized chair offering 360-degree rotation as well as other features. The company has announced the completion of a $1.5 million funding round to help drive the business forward.

The round was lead by Pembroke VCT with the TVB Growth Fund also participating, SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP acted as financial advisor to Roto VR.

Roto VR’s chair helps to address problems such as motion sickness because it can auto-rotate to wherever the user is looking, either through player input or by head movements. Other features of the chair include an internal cabling system to remove the cable constraints of PC-based VR headsets and haptics for a more immersive experience.

The base Roto VR chair model can also be enhanced with a range of accessories such as a desktop table, side table, side basket, of course, or the racing pack for mounting steering wheels and pedals.

Explaining why they invested, Andrew Wolfson, CEO Pembroke Investment Managers LLP said in a statement: “In Elliott we have found an entrepreneur who has solved a problem for the VR market with a solution that addresses the physical issues encountered whilst consuming VR content, as well as significantly enhancing the experience. We see future customers coming from both the B2B and B2C markets, in fields such as experiential attractions, home, cinemas and shopping centers. The company has employed a high calibre of people, and we believe that the business is well placed to take advantage of this fast-growing market.”

Currently, the Roto VR Chair retails for $1,999.00 with everything to get you started, you can find more at Knoxlabs.

Source: VRFocus and Knoxlabs



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