Oculus Quest 2: Full Specs

The Quest 2 made it’s official debut just now.

The original Quest was an amazing piece of magic, as the first standalone VR headset that actually worked well, was light, and super mobile.

From what we saw at Facebook Connect, the Quest 2, looks twice as good in all aspects. It is 50% more the pixel count, rendering it almost 4K, twice the speed with a newer Qualcomm architecture, and is 10% lighter. And the price is starting at just $299.

We think this is just beautiful, as we are reaching almost GO-like prices with a headset that is pure 6 degrees of freedom.

All current games are compatible, and it still supports Link mode for access to Rift & SteamVR (if you have a gaming PC).

Quest 2 Is A Beast

There’s no point in beating around the bush- Quest 2 packs almost unbelievable specs for its price.

You can pre-order one from Oculus.

Sources: Facebook Connect, UploadVR



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